Sunday, November 30, 2008

Susanna's Birthday

Today is Susanna's 3rd birthday.  It's not cracking up to be quite the day we were hoping for.  The alarm went off at 7am and Aaron said his throat was killing him and he felt overall yucky and needed to stay home this morning.  I got up, showered, nursed Benjamin, and then went to wake up all of the children.  I went through the craziness of trying to get 10 little people ready for church.  As we were eating our breakfast of raw oat porridge (yummy), Hannah suddenly announced that her tummy didn't feel good.  I told her to go up and lay down with Daddy.  I kept getting the rest ready and we all headed off to church.  Thomas, Stephen, Sarah, Naomi Ruth, Rebekah, Samuel, and Miriam all went to their Sunday School classes while Susanna and Benjamin and I went to the nursery.  I nursed him during that time, hoping that he would be able to sleep through church in the sling that way.  Sunday School ended and I headed out to round up everyone and get them into church.  Thomas let me know that he was feeling sick to his stomach.  I made a quick decision and had him lay down across some chairs in one of the Sunday School rooms that was not in use, got a trashcan positioned next to him, and told him I'd check on him in about 15 minutes.  My hope, obviously, was that he would be feeling better by then.  I got everyone else settled and we were happily enjoying the first Sunday of Advent.  Then Stephen mentioned casually to me that he felt a little sick and while I was trying to ask if he meant his throat or tummy he suddenly convulsed and put his hand over his mouth.  I slammed my hand over his hand and got both of us out into the main aisle and to the closest trashcan as fast as I possibly could.  It's kind of a blur in my mind, but as soon as we hit the aisle I spotted the trashcan in the sound room in the back and made that our target.  I apologized to the people working back there as he threw up again and again and again into it and took the trashbag with us when he finally finished.  I got him to that room with Thomas, having them lay down with their heads towards each other and the trashcan carefully positioned for both of them and took the trashbag to the bathroom to dispose of.  Then I went back and rounded up all of the rest of the children, got Thomas and Stephen, and got everyone to the van.  I was thankful for some help from a sweet friend!  We drove home with Stephen vomiting into his trashcan as we went and Naomi Ruth telling me she was starting to feel sick to her stomach.  The day was shaping up just lovely.  I decided to postpone Susanna's party to a different day.  No need to have all of the children vomiting up cake and ice cream.  ;-)  We now have sick people upstairs and hopefully healthy people downstairs.  We'll see how the rest of the day goes!  

Yesterday was a MUCH better day, I'm happy to say.  Aaron and I were able to go on a real date!  That was a very special treat.  Usually our dates are when we put the children down to bed and then spend time downstairs together either watching a movie or playing games and talking.  We went to the Macaroni Grill.  That was yummy!  Their lunch prices are fantastic, too!  Then we headed over to a bookstore, one of our very favorite hang-outs.  That was SO nice!  Benjamin was a sweetheart the whole time, too.  While at the bookstore, I got a new spiral calendar for my purse for next year.  It's a Mary Engelbreit one with cute pictures on the left hand side and a week per page on the right hand side.  I already have a few things to put in there.  I was starting to scribble little notes on the last page of my 2008 one.  Okay, back to yesterday, we got home, and had dinner with the children.  I'd put half of the turkey carcass into the crockpot and made stock from it.  I made turkey, cabbage, and rice, using 8 cups of that yummy rich stock plus 4 cups of turkey.  I served that and then Stephen started asking for the turkey bones.  Liberians LOVE bones.  The other children started asking for them, too.  They've learned that when I make stock, there are always bones.  :-)  I went back to the kitchen and worked in the crockpot until I came back with a bowl of bones.  Not only do our Liberian children like them, but now they've hooked most of our birth children on them, too.  I haven't been able to get myself to even try them.  Yuck!  Susanna started crying out over and over, "I want a bone!  I want a bone!" and couldn't understand my explanation of how that really wouldn't be good for her throat.  She finally got over it when I gave her a big cup of green smoothie to enjoy instead.  She loves those!  Once dinner was done, we all loaded into the van and went down to a mall in Columbus.  It was time to do our special activity for Naomi Ruth's birthday.  Her birthday was last Sunday, but as we'd just celebrated Sarah's birthday on Saturday by going to COSI, we decided to postpone Naomi Ruth's activity until this weekend.  Anyway, one of the malls has horse carriage rides available this time of year.  What a treat!  This is a really ritzy mall and in a very rich area of Columbus.  To say that we felt out of place is an understatement.  I'm sure we made quite the sight as we walked through part of the mall between the parking garage and where they were offering the carriage rides.  Aaron was in front holding Susanna's hand.  Thomas, Stephen, Sarah, Naomi Ruth, Rebekah, and Hannah all walked in the middle between us and then I followed up in the rear with one hand holding Miriam's hand, one hand holding Samuel's hand, and Benjamin strapped to me in his sling.  :-)  Once we got there, we hardly had to wait at all.  We split up into 2 carriages.  The children LOVED the ride.  It was really special and all of the Christmas lights the mall has up were just beautiful.  After the ride, we bought some yummy fresh kettle popcorn and then headed back through the mall to our van.  It was a really nice day!

Love, Dawn

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Eeek!! Praying everyone is feeling much better by now! So sorry to hear about all the messy laundry and sick bellies and sore throats!
I've been curious about the "bone-eating" since it was mentioned on Susanna's CB site awhile back. How can they eat them safely when even vets say do NOT give poultry bones of any sort to animals and humans are animals too? Wouldnt it shred their insides if swallowed wrong or not chewed properly? I actually thought of your beautiful Liberian children when my dad-in-law was carving the turkey and all the wasted bones that he was throwing out! :)
Loving the blog and getting to know your whole family a bit better!
kel (and caileb)