Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thomas' 12th birthday

At the Chinese buffet

They played "Happy Birthday" over the speakers and brought out this tiny birthday cake for him surrounded by little pieces of cake for us.  :-)

Stephen LOVES eating frog legs!!!

Rebekah and Sarah


This is Miriam with her beloved pink pony.  It pretty much goes wherever she does.  It is so actively loved that it recently had a surgery to reattach its head.  :-D  She loves to "stim" with it by flicking it around in her wrist and watching it while using her other hand to finger its main and tail.  It's part of her autism.  I don't mind as it seems harmless and brings her contentment.



Miriam and Stephen

Samuel, Susanna, and Miriam

Hannah, Sarah, and Samuel

Stephen working on a pull-up
Naomi Ruth

Thomas, Stephen, and Aaron are currently celebrating Thomas' birthday by riding go carts.  I'm sure they are having a blast!  The boys have been so excited about it all week.  This is our birthday gift for Thomas this year.  :-)  His actual birthday was on Thursday.  That day we went out to his favorite Chinese restaurant and then a big playground, as you can see from the photos.

Love, Dawn


Ray & Carla Ives said...

He looks like a very happy 12-year-old. Happy Birthday, Thomas! (even if a bit late :)

Kim said...

Can't believe our boys are 12!!