Sunday, June 7, 2009

Down on the Hall Farm

This is one of the many fruit bushes and fruit trees that we recently planted.  We decided to go with some unusual varieties.  This is a medlar tree.  It, like the others, doesn't look like much right now, but they hold promise for the future.  :-)

Loving on sweet Susanna 
Notice her very pink cheeks.  I'm concerned that she has strep throat again.

Benjamin is really growing up.  He's gone from his long baby locks to a burr cut, thanks to Daddy.  One thing funny that we discovered through that is that he has two totally different colors in his hair - dark brown and blonde.  You can really see that in the top photo.  He's also getting more teeth.  He's up to 6 now!

Miriam with one of the MANY kittens born here this year

Susanna, Thomas, and Benjamin

Rebekah and Naomi Ruth
Rebekah has on her hot pink cast from fracturing her wrist while jumping off a swing.  She's also holding the teddy bear that she received at the hospital.  She has named him Teddy.

Getting in our garden has been slow going this spring, due to all of the sickness.  Still, we're getting there bit by bit.  Yesterday, we finally got the strawberries in.  As you can see, the children are great helpers.

We bought 19 chicks - 18 hens and 1 rooster.  They're such fun to watch!

We also bought 2 male baby goats.  There names are Chewy and Louie.  :-D  Their job is to eat the thistle patches and all of the tall weed areas.  They are happy to help!  Rebekah and Hannah love taking them for walks with their collars and leashes.  The goats seem to think it is a lot of fun, too.  They are such social creatures!

Love, Dawn


Catherine said...

What sweet photos, Dawn! Glad your family is feeling better.

Keith and Margaret said...

What a beautiful place you have there with all of the animals and garden and fruit trees. Your kids are all so sweet and smiley! I am sure you are busy, but what a beautiful home you have for your family.

Kim said...

GREAT pictures, Dawn! Such sweet family memories you're building!

Michelle said...

Nice photos.

those goats sure do start out cute. What do you have, male or female. The males get MEAN if they arent fixed. They can still be bullies even if they are.

We finally got rid of ours because we couldnt keep them in a fence and our children were terrified of them. But I have NOT given up hope of a female for milk.

Milburns' said...

Just BEAUTIFUL Dawn!!! LOVE the pics and updates. I love how the girls walk the goats!!! TOO funny!!!