Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I wanted to share some family pictures today. I have posted a bunch here, but am having trouble figuring out how to make my type where I want it to be. I'll just tell you who's who from the top row, left to right, on down. Enjoy!
1. Aaron with Susanna and Miram
2. Me with Benjamin in his sling
3. Samuel at COSI, the Children's Museum we love
4. Miriam at COSI
5. Susanna at COSI

6. Susanna with her big gorgeous grin
7. Me with Benjamin in the sling in his favorite position - facing Mommy
8. Rebekah, Susanna, Naomi Ruth, Hannah, and Miriam at COSI
9. Our home
10. Benjamin
11. Susanna with her new pillow she got for her birthday
12. Sarah, Rebekah, and Thomas on the carriage ride, celebrating Naomi Ruth's birthday
13. Samuel, Stephen, Sarah, Naomi Ruth, and Susanna at our Thanksgiving dinner
14. Samuel, Thomas, and Stephen - the two oldest are playing with the balloon swords from The Spaghetti Warehouse
15. Naomi Ruth and Sarah opening birthday presents together
16. Naomi Ruth and her birthday cake (no I didn't make that, bought it at Walmart)


homekeeper4him said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos!! I love seeing your family!

Joyce said...

What a absolute fun journey tonight through your photos Dawn!
I love LOVE your home. I don't recall ever seeing it before.
Thanks for sharing all the photos..

Joy said...

The photos are lovely! Benjamin looks so cute in the sling! And I love your house - it looks so cosy.




Anne said...


What beautiful smiling faces!! You are blessed. Thanks for sharing.


Christina said...

Those pictures are great, its so nice to 'see' you. The children look very happy.


Michelle said...

AWESOME Dawn. Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful family.

Jen said...

Everyone looks so happy, and your house looks wonderful!

LeAnne's Blog said...

You are so very blessed, Dawn! It just warms my heart to read your blog and see your pictures :)

Christy said...

hi dawn i doubt you remember me but i used to be in the christian mothering yahoo group and i stumbled on your blog from a link on michelle's and i am so happy i did i often wonder and pray about little Susanna so it was a blessing to see her and your family it really made my day!! you have a beautiful family!!