Thursday, December 4, 2008

Round 3

Alrighty, we're in Round 3 of this nasty stomach virus now.  Rebekah was the one who got it first.  At that point, we just thought that she'd eaten something that disagreed with her or something like that.  We didn't realize it was a virus.  Well then Round 2 was when Thomas, Stephen, Naomi Ruth, Hannah, and Susanna got it.  Yesterday we got hit with Round 3.  Miriam and Aaron got sick during the day and Susanna got hit a second time, this time starting in the middle of the night.  I am so ready for us to be done with this.  Please pray that nobody else catches it!

Aaron is upstairs sleeping now.  I've got all of the children gathered in the family room watching Anne of Green Gables.  We love this movie, but haven't watched it in a long time, probably because it's so long.  Seems just right for a day like this.  

Tonight there is another practice for the Christmas play.  I'm hoping that I can take the healthy children up for it.  If ANYONE gets new symptoms today, though, I'm not going to take anyone.  Last thing I want to do is spread this to others in the church.

Miriam has speech therapy this afternoon, but I will need to cancel that.  I know she's still contagious and she's feeling pretty lousy, too.  She hardly touched breakfast.  Usually I make the children finish their food, but I am not pushing anything at this point.  If someone says their tummy doesn't feel good or they don't want anymore I tell them that's fine and snatch away their plates or bowls before they change their minds.  lol

The appointment here with the man from the school district went well yesterday, although it was very long.  Susanna's transition meeting should take place next week.  Samuel still needs his spech evaluation and then his meeting to qualify for services should be somewhere after Susanna's and before Christmas.

Love, Dawn

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homekeeper4him said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the nasty stomach bug hasn't left yet. I'm praying everyone is feeling better soon!! Have you ever tried Tummy Tuneup from Beeyoutiful? It is great for stomach bugs!!!

BTW, I have a new blog too.