Monday, December 8, 2008

Recovered & Christmas Play Rehearsal

I am very thankful to the Lord that we are all doing much better now and that Benjamin and Samuel both never caught the tummy bug.  Benjamin does still have the cold, but it has not dropped into his chest.  Please continue to pray that it does not.  

Church was really good yesterday morning.  I enjoyed hearing the old story of the angel coming to John the Baptist's father, telling him that he would have a son.  I always find it interesting to compare that story to when the angel told Mary she would have not just a son, but the Son of God.  Zacharias was a priest of God and was being told that something that he and his wife had prayed for years was going to happen.  Yet, he doubted the words of the angel.  Mary was a simple girl and was told that while still an unmarried virgin, she would give birth to the Son of God.  She believed.  I think that's a beautiful example of how we are to have the faith of a child.  If God says it is so, we need to believe Him.  That includes times in our lives when it appears that things are out of control, because God says He is always in control.  It also includes times in our lives when we say we can't do it, because God says we can do all things through Him.

In the afternoon, I got to our library and dropped off a big bin full of Thanksgiving resources and picked up a smaller pile of Christmas ones.  Many are still on reserve, so I hope to get those next week.  I'm hoping we can all watch "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" this evening.  That is SUCH a cute Christmas story.  Try to watch it if you haven't ever done so or read the book if you have the time.  :-)  The children had another practice of the Christmas play last night. It was their first time doing it up at the front of the church where it will be performed.  I enjoyed watching it.  I had Benjamin and Miriam with me.  It was Miriam's first time at a practice.  The Pre-K children are all sheep and they hadn't needed to come to the practices before.  She was excited as she got fitted for her sheep headband that came complete with sheep ears and lots of cotton balls to look like wool.  :-D  However, she told me repeatedly that she would NOT say "baaaaaaaa."  Alright, alright, Miriam.  Then, Ms. Vicki called all of the parents of PreK children to line up with them at the back of the church.  We were about to learn what her role entailed.  The next instruction was to all walk down the aisle saying "Baaaa" over and over.  I laughed and decided to not push it.  I didn't want to set Miriam off.  We walked down the aisle with all of the rest of the children saying it and Miriam saying she wouldn't say it.  :-D  When we got up to the front, we parents all kneeled behind our Pre-K children.  I guess Benjamin was the tiniest sheep, because he was in the sling right between me and Miriam.  lol  The children learned their sheep dance, which did include more of "baaaaa," but Miriam thought that was fine because now she was learning some action steps, too.  I think she'll do fine this Sunday when it is performed.  The sheep just needed that one rehearsal.  The other children have Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday rehearsals before the play.  Samuel was funny, too.  During the African dance, he has the role of beating the drum.  This was the first time that he brought our drum with him so that he could really do that part.  It is one of two that Aaron brought home from Liberia when we adopted our children.  It was handmade there.  This is the smaller of the two to make it easier for Samuel.  Well, having Samuel sit for that long with a drum between his knees was just too much for him.  First, he kept beating the drum at all different points during the practice.  Then, he got so antsy that he started playing with the drum in other ways.  He missed one whole song of standing up and singing, because he'd knocked the drum on its side and was using his feet to kick it back and forth.  Then, he started hopping back and forth between his seat and sitting on his drum.  Finally, he moved to sitting totally on the drum and bouncing up and down.  At this point, I was nursing Benjamin and had to send a friend up to the stage to tell him he couldn't do that or the drum would break.  He didn't hop onto the drum again, but did start picking it up by the ropes around its top and whacking it up and down.  It was just WAY too much of a temptation for the little guy!  I'm just glad it survived the rehearsal!  Ms. Vicki and I agreed after the practice that he would have the drum in front of him just for that one song and it would be tucked away the rest of the time.  ;-)

Well, Benjamin has finished his morning nursing time and I need to wake up the other children.  I am continuing to tweak the chorebusters thing.  I'm hoping that the changes that I've made so far will make this week go smoothly.  One big thing I did was color code which jobs are for morning, for afternoon, and for evening.  That should make it visually easier for me to keep track of how everyone's doing.  I also printed it off with little check boxes next to each chore so I can mark them off as completed.  It's tricky to keep track of how 9 little people are doing at getting their jobs done if you don't have a system in place, let alone how I'm doing at my own to do list!

Love, Dawn

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