Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!  These pictures were all taken today.

1.  Hannah just lost her first tooth!
2.  Susanna is feeling SO much better now.  She had to go to the ER yesterday and received an IV of fluids and morphine.  She was dehydrated and in severe pain.  Now, she is on Tylenol with Codeine and is functioning much better.
3.  Samuel showing off his Student of the Month medal from school  He loves wearing it daily.  He's so proud to have received it.  It was awarded for trying so hard.
4.  Aaron and me
5.  Thomas, Sarah, and Samuel
6.  Miriam and Stephen
7.  Rebekah, Naomi Ruth, Susanna, and Hannah


Michelle said...

Nice to see pictures of everyone.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures! Am always amazed at Susanna's smile with all she's going through. Your family is just so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!