Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some funnies and more photos

Yesterday as I was working on making 15 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, I got to witness the funniest incident.  Samuel was freaking out about a bug on the floor.  He was squealing about how it might bite him and really losing it.  Susanna gave him this LOOK, walked over and got a napkin, came back and squished the bug, and threw it into the trashcan with a little "Hmmmph."  Hahaha!  Wonder where she got that from!  ;-)  

We had another funny moment at dinner.  Aaron was reading from a wonderful book of church history.  He finished up the section of Jonathon Edwards and was asking questions.  When he asked where he lived, Samuel got all excited and threw up his hand saying "ooh, ooh, ooh!"  "Yes, Samuel?"   And Samuel replied, "He lived in the egg house!"  The whole table erupted in laughter.  :-D  I have no idea where he got that answer from.

This morning we homeschooled.   During Bible time, I was teaching Rebekah and Hannah the story of David and Goliath.  After reading it and talking about it, I had them go get 5 beanie baby stuffed animals.  Then they stood a little ways back from our door, which we pretended was Goiath, and tried to throw them at "his head."  They had a blast doing it and pretty soon Naomi Ruth and Thomas had joined in and were attacking Goliath, too.  :-)

This afternoon Benjamin had his 6 month appointment and he's doing just fantastic.  We also got a referral for Hannah to see an ENT next month about her tonsils.

The whole house smells SO yummy right now.  I've got a roast plus black beans, onions, peppers, and Texas seasonings in the crockpot.  They've been cooking all day.  Later this afternoon, I'll pull out the beef and shred it all up and put it back in.  Then at dinner, we'll put that plus all sorts of toppings in tortillas.  Yummy!


1 & 2:  Benjamin
3 & 4: Rebekah, Sarah, and Naomi Ruth
5: Stephen and Thomas - When Stephen first got here from Liberia, he was SO much smaller than Thomas.  He's grown so much and is closer to being the same size.  They're only 3 weeks apart in age.
6:  Aaron with Benjamin and Stephen
7:  Aaron with Benjamin - I love when Benjamin does those HUGE whole face grins.  :-D

Love, Dawn

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