Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last night Dad treated us to dinner out at a Chinese buffet.  It was SO yummy and the children all absolutely loved it.  Most were thrilled about the Chinese food.  Susanna was thrilled about the jello.  :-D  Unfortunately, one member of the family did NOT like the Chinese food.  Benjamin was up until nearly 4am very fussy and hasn't done well today, either.  He didn't even make it through his occupational therapy session without a lot of fussing.  However, he still managed to show off his skills and I am very pleased to say that she thinks he probably just needs a couple more sessions and he will be on target.  :-D  I look forward to him graduating from it!

Dad left today for Washington, D.C. with Thomas and Stephen.  The boys were SO excited when they headed out at 8:05.  When I talked to Dad at 3:45 he said that they were getting pretty bored.  They still had an hour and a half to go.  They were stopping once an hour to get out and stretch their legs.  I'm sure that helped some!

Tonight I took Naomi Ruth, Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah to swim lessons.  I am so proud of how much progress each of the girls is making!  They all had firsts this evening.  Naomi Ruth dove down to the bottom in the deep end to retrieve rings.  Hannah jumped off the diving board.  Rebekah and Sarah went down the slide.  Now, I do have to mention that Sarah came up thrashing and screaming HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The lifeguard dove in and came quickly to her aid and then reminded Sarah that she was wearing a life jacket.  :-D

Love, Dawn

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Joyce said...

LOving this blog Dawn!!
Your father is special!!!